Services Offered
At Acton Mechanical we offer a wide-range of commercial and residential heating, plumbing and
air conditioning services.
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Air Conditioning
Gas / Med-Gas
Hydrostatic & Sewer Testing
Leak Checks
We also offer services for the following items below. Contact an Acton Mechanical service
representative to learn more.

• Sewer & repair
• Water Heater
• Disposals
• Electronic leak location
• Sewer location
• Slab leaks
• Copper repiping
• Forced air units
• Air conditioning
• Heat pumps

• Wall heaters
• Floor heaters
• Indoor/outdoor lighting systems
• Appliance circuits-Pool & spa
• 110V – 220V – 480V
• Panels moved and replaced
• Track & recessed lighting
• Breakers & shorts serviced
• Three phase specialist
• New services & wiring